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Since its inception in 2000, Gateway2Morocco.com has earned a reputation of excellence from travelers around the world.  It began with a graduate student’s desire to share the magic of his native country with some of his classmates.  Soon enough, it was an unforgettable journey to Morocco for over one hundred Harvard Business School students. He arranged a truly authentic trip, giving his fellow classmates the  opportunity to explore the Kingdom with the guidance of a friendly native, and to encounter the culture on a deeply personal level. The word was out of the success of the trip and as his classmates shared their exceptional travel experience with friends, Gateway2Morocco was born.

Gateway2Morocco is 100% Moroccan owned and has offices in both Morocco and North America with a very knowlegeable team to take on your requests and custom design a Morocco tours that you will remember for years o come. Gateway2Morocco has a privilege of being chosen to manage complex itineraries for film and documentary producers in the regions of Ouarzazate, Erfoud, Merzouga, Zagora and Marrakech.

That’s our story. Now we’d like to make the story of your dream Morocco vacation come true.


At Gateway2Morocco, our mission is to ensure that every facet of your journey is captivating and truly enriching. Gateway2Morocco was founded with the vision of providing travel adventures that celebrate the culture and hospitality of each exciting destination for a truly authentic experience. Through our unrelenting pursuit of excellence, we are committed to exceeding your expectations by delivering an experience that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.
We are constantly creating new and intriguing itineraries to meet the varied needs and interests of our eclectic client base. Your satisfaction is our highest measure of success. At the close of every journey, we ask our travelers to fill out an evaluation so that we can continue to improve and expand Gateway2Morocco.

Your comments and feedback are always welcome and appreciated.



Our guides are native Berber Moroccans selected based upon their level of experience, personal integrity, and genuine sense of hospitability and camaraderie. Rest assured our guides are equally conversant in American culture and language as they are in their native culture.
During your journey, various specialists may join you and share their insights into the different aspects of the country. From art and archeology to rainforest ecology, our knowledgeable guides will help illuminate your discovery.
Gateway2Morocco’s guides promote flexible itineraries so you have the freedom for some personal exploration. The quality of our guides and their dedication and enthusiasm in sharing the best of what their country offers is just one of the many aspects that sets Gateway2Morocco apart.


From enticing cultural explorations and exhilarating outdoor adventures throughout Morocco, our journeys are designed with care and attention to details.
Our cultural immersion tours will steep you in the arts, history, cuisine and wine of the locale. There are also a variety of active excursions and tours ranging from camping tours, Atlas Mountains trekking, Sahara Desert and the Golden dunes of Merzouga camel experience to luxury vacations.

Whether it’s a spiritual retreat, an eco adventure, a romantic honeymoon, a camel trek or a hybrid trip, you can count on Gateway2Morocco to make your travel dreams come true.

All our Morocco trips are privately operated using our own certified luxury suv’s and our own carefully selected team of Morocco experts that really know and understand the country and will offer a great local knowledge to make your Morocco journey a memorable experience.


Omar multilingual Driver/ Guide

In keeping with our promise to provide a truly authentic travel experience , Our Gateway2Morocco experienced team can arrange invitations from locals to visit their homes and arrange home stays for those travelers who prefer a more in depth cultural immersion.


Gateway2Morocco’s standard accommodations are very comfortable and range from three to five star hotels, which have been chosen for their charm and native warmth. If you’re looking for luxury, exclusive resorts or elegant retreats can be specially arranged. For those who prefer a truly local experience where you can enjoy regional cuisine and immerse yourself in the everyday culture, home stays are a great choice. In rural areas and on adventure trips, camping comfortably under the stars is another captivating option.
Whatever you choose, we hope you will sleep soundly dreaming of your next journey with Gateway2Morocco.


Gateway2Discovery’s journeys support local communities in their quest to preserve their natural environments. We continue to build enduring partnerships through community outreach sponsorship programs designed to provide sustainable resources to the local communities and their environment.


From luxury custom vacations to high quality, value-priced excursions, you can count on Gateway2Morocco to offer trips that meet your budget and exceed your expectations.

We are very confident that we can beat any price on the market while providing a 100% better travel experience throughout Morocco. We know Morocco more than anyone else and with our dedicated and knowledgeable team in addition to our 15 years organizing trips in Morocco, we assure you that all our tours will be one you will treasure for many many years to come.