Packing List


morocco-packing-listTravel Documents

•  Valid passport and photocopy of passport.

•  Airline tickets and program itinerary

•  Cash (minimum $300), credit card (visa is recommended)


•  Comfortable hiking shoe for visit of the Kasbah in Ait Ben Haddou

•  1 pair of mid weight hiking socks

Personal Items

•  Spare contact lenses or prescription glasses. Make sure you have glasses along if you regularly wear contact lens.

•  Biodegradable soap/shampoo, wet wipes, tooth brush, tooth paste, etc.

•  Light towel

•  Sun screen min. SPF 30 and lip balm

•  Sun Hat / Cap with brim

•  Sunglasses, with a securing strap/string

•  Light gloves e.g. fleece or windstopper.

•  Bathing suit (for lodges and hotel)

•  Clothing and shoes for restaurants

Personal First Aid Kit

•  Advil/ Aspirin / Tylenol / Ibuprofen

•  Diarrhea (Imodium)

•  Antibiotic (Cipro) (consult your physician – prescription required)

•  Gastrointestinal medication (Pepto Bismol)

•  Band aids, sterile gauze pads, porous adhesive tape, bandages, blister pads(Moleskin or similar)

•  Flu and cold medication, throat lozenges and nasal decongestant

•  Insect repellent

•  Instant hand sanitizer (Purell®)

Optional Items

•  Camera/Memory cards, batteries.

•  Small binoculars

•  Small notebook (like Moleskin) & pencil

•  Money pouch (with drawstring to hang over your neck)

•  Plug adapter and current converter: Morocco’s electrical current is 220 volts AC 60 cycles. However, special travel adapters can be purchased to enable all normal plugs to fit all mains sockets.

•  Arabic phrasebook (see Vocabulary)

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