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Morocco, a melting pot of dynasties and cultures

Morocco's rich history is a tapestry woven from significant events, dynasties, and milestones that have collectively shaped the nation's unique cultural identity. From the early Idrisside dynasty to the Almoravid, Almohad, Merinid, Saadian, and the current Alaouite dynasty, Morocco's diverse heritage has earned global recognition. This historical depth positions Morocco as a multicultural country with several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Moulay Idriss Zerhoun


Following the reign of the Idrissides dynasty, Morocco saw the rise of a powerful new ruling force: the Almoravids. This dynasty expanded its influence across the Maghreb, conquering territories and paving the way for remarkable achievements. Among their notable conquests, the Almoravids annihilated the African reign before advancing northwards, culminating in the founding of Marrakech in 1062.

Under Almoravid rule, Marrakech flourished, becoming the capital and unifying the vast regions of the Maghreb and Al-Andalus. This historic city quickly emerged as the center of trade, bridging the gap between sub-Saharan Africa and the Maghreb. Its legacy is adorned with stunning architectural masterpieces, including iconic mosques like the Koutoubia mosque. Construction of such magnificent structures began during the Almoravid era, adding to Marrakech's rich tapestry of Koranic medersas, ramparts, and palaces.

The Almoravids were not only focused on architectural grandeur but also prioritized practical infrastructure. They established an extensive irrigation center, ensuring a steady water supply for the entire region. This blend of cultural richness and strategic foresight laid the foundation for Marrakech's enduring prominence.

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Almoravid Qubba Marrakech

Moulay Idriss Zerhoun

Morocco's history is a captivating tapestry of significant events, dynasties, and cultural milestones that have shaped this multifaceted country. From the Idrisside to the Almoravid, the Almohad, the Merinid, the Saadian, and the Alaouite dynasties, Morocco's historical journey has been marked by diversity and richness, earning it international recognition as a vibrant multicultural hub.

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Kasbah of les Oudaya Rabat

ALMOHAD DYNASTY ( 1145-1248)

The Almohad dynasty, under the initial guidance of Ibn Toumert, triumphed over the Almoravid dynasty in the historic conquest of Morocco. Declaring war on the Almoravids with religious motives, their Arabic name "Attawhid," signifying uniqueness, became the rallying cry for their cause.

Marrakech, the capital of the Almohad empire, stands as a timeless testament to the dynasty's cultural and architectural contributions. These two pillars continue to resonate through the city's emblematic monuments, particularly the Koutoubia mosque. Inspired by the Giralda in Seville, the mosque's redesign is a living symbol of the Almohad era.

The Almohad rule spanned half a century, leaving a significant imprint on Moroccan heritage, before eventually declining after a defeat to the Christians in 1212. The rich legacy of the Almohads can be explored through Morocco's historical tours, offering a fascinating glimpse into the country's past and the key figures who shaped its cultural landscape.

Medrasa of Sale

MARINYD DYNASTY ( 1244-1465)

Founded by the illustrious Amazigh Chief Abou Yahia, the Merinid dynasty, with Fez as its historical capital, dramatically altered the course of Moroccan history by overthrowing the Almohads and driving them from the Maghreb region. Their reign, although significant, was short-lived, as the Merinids found themselves defeated by the Portuguese, who orchestrated strategic attacks along the coast through key locations like Ceuta and the Strait of Gibraltar.

Motivated by a profound desire to preserve and transmit religious values, the Merinid dynasty was instrumental in the construction of various cultural landmarks, including Zaouias, mosques, and Koranic medersas such as the one in Salé. The era was marked by distinctive achievements in Moroccan architecture and artistic expression, including elaborate wood and stucco decorations, roofs adorned with glazed tiles, and exquisite glazed ceramics.

One of the most prominent sites that capture the rich cultural legacy of the Merinid dynasty is the necropolis of Chellah, situated in Rabat. This historical location is a testament to the dynasty's wealth in terms of culture, history, architecture, and religious institutions, making it an essential destination for those interested in Morocco heritage tours.

By exploring the Merinid dynasty's influence and achievements, visitors on a Morocco cultural tour can immerse themselves in a fascinating historical era, enriched by the unique art, architecture, and religious traditions that continue to shape modern Morocco. Whether embarking on a private Morocco tour with Gateway2Morocco or seeking a tailored historical excursion, the Merinid era stands as an enlightening chapter in Morocco's vibrant tapestry.

Saadian Tombs

SAADIAN DYNASTY ( 1554- 1659)

The Saadian dynasty, a remarkable period in Moroccan history, succeeded in overthrowing the Merinids, initially setting Fez as its capital before triumphing in Marrakech. Under the Saadians, Morocco declared war against the Portuguese and reclaimed several significant cities, including the vibrant city of Agadir. Forming an alliance with Spain, the Saadians shielded Morocco from Turkish threats.

During the illustrious reign of the Saadians, Morocco basked in a golden era marked by cultural sophistication, profound knowledge, and abundant wealth. After a decisive victory over the African Empire of Songhai, the Saadians acquired the gold of Sudan, symbolizing their strength and prosperity.

In Fez, the Saadian rulers embarked on remarkable architectural endeavors, including the construction of the Borjs and the revitalization of the historic Al Qarawiyine mosque. Meanwhile, in Marrakech, their artistic legacy is evident in the tombs of the Saadians, the Ben Youssef medersa, and the awe-inspiring El Badiî Palace.

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Hassan II Mosque Casablanca

ALAOUITE DYNASTY ( 1666- Present)

The powerful Alaouite dynasty, originating from Tafilalt, succeeded in dethroning the Saadians to seize control over Morocco. Their journey to power led them to establish Fez as their initial capital before moving to Meknes during the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail, and finally settling in Rabat, which has been the esteemed capital of Morocco since 1912.

Under the influential Alaouite rule, the city of Fez was revitalized and adorned, enhancing its overall beauty. Architectural wonders were constructed, including protective walls and the renowned Bab El-Mansour gate, further enriching Morocco's cultural heritage. This illustrious dynasty, marked by its enduring legacy, continues to reign to this day.

King Muhammad VI, the twenty-third ruler in this succession, upholds the unification of the Moroccan Kingdom and the preservation of its profound religious values. This historical narrative, filled with cultural insights and landmarks, adds to the unique appeal of Morocco Tours, particularly for those interested in exploring the nation's rich history and traditions through Gateway2Morocco's expertly crafted tours.