Fes Morocco

imperial-morocco-traditional-doorFes Morocco Historic Highlights:

The arrival of the first religious refugees from the Middle East has been traced back to AD 788. Fes el Bali was founded in 809 under Moulay Idriss II.Fes el Bali is divided into two distinctly different districts on either side of the Fez River. During the 8th century, 8,000 Arab families settled on the right bank of Wadi Fes, after having been expelled from Andalusia by the Christian armies. Their artistic influence is evident in the decorative stucco and mosaic that ornament the mosques and Koranic schools. One hundred years later, 2,000 Kairaouine families established their homes on the opposite bank. In the 10th century the Kairaouines built the imposing Kairaouine University, the western world´s first university, which still remains the main intellectual center of North Africa. Important for its location and commercialism, the Kairaouine Quarter continued to expand under the Marinade dynasty during the Fes´ Golden Age in the 14th century. The New Fes, or Fes el Jadid, was born. After the First World War, a European town with broad avenues was added to the fascinating labyrinth that is Fes.

Fes symbolizes the heart of Arabic and Islamic development. It houses over 785 Mosque. Fes is the oldest of Morocco´s Imperial cities and serves as an important religious, intellectual, artistic and cultural center of the Kingdom of Morocco. Fes is famous for its Fes blue pottery, copper trays and leather work. Important attractions include the Andalusian Mosque, Attarin Medersa, Aux Merveilles du Tapis, Medinas, Bou Inania Medersa, Cherratin Merdersa, Fondouk Tserouanien, Kairaouine Mosque, Musee Nejjarine des Arts et Metiers du Bois, Place Seffarine, Sahrij Medersa, Souk el Henna, Terrasse des Tanneurs, Zaouia of Moulay Idrisss II, Bab Boujeloud, Dar Batha Museum, Borj-Nord Museum, Bab es Seba, Dar el Makhzen, Mellah and Moulay Abdellah Quarter.

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